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About Us

ECHAIN (SHANGHAI) CHEMICAL CO., LTD is diligently distributing and developing Non Toxic Plasticizers, Environment Friendly Stabiizers, Formulation Additives, Special Chemicals and High Performance Resins, cooperated with MNCs and specific distributions all over the world.

We worked at Top 500 MNCs for long time before, with abundant cooperation experiences and skillful sales marketing segmentations, our products and services had been involved broadly in such applciations as Medical Industry, Medicine Products, Food Contacts, Auto Interiors, Children Care Toys, Wire and Cables, Sports and Leisures, Flooring and Wall Coverings, Construction Pluses, Industry Rolls, Smelting Solvents, Adhesives and Sealants, Coatings and Inks etc.

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Our Top Sales

Non Toxic Plasticizers
Product Brand Cas No. | Chemical Name
LGflex GL500
Benzoflex 9-88
Benzoflex 50 27138-31-4 & 120-55-8
LMFLEX LM-40 77-90-7


Environment Friendly Stabiizers
Product Brand Cas No. | Chemical Name
BAEROSTAB NT 340 RF Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer (Liquid)
Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizer (Liquid)
BAEROSTAB ASM 711 Heat Ageing Inhibitor (Powder)

Formulation Additives
Product Brand Cas No. | Chemical Name
Eastman TXIB
BYK-410 Solution of a Modified Urea

For more products information, please contact us or check product list (only Chinese available).

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Our Distribution

We are diligently distributing and developing green chemicals, cooperated with MNCs such as BASF, EASTMAN, BAERLOCHER, BYK and LG Chem etc.

With our supply chains continous optimization, we promised best services for customers with world class products and offering total solutions to help customers to be more succeeful.

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Our Logistic

We served customers by our own trucks. 1 to 1 logistic service for customers near Shanghai China, special shuttle services for long distance sales regions and oversea business.

We cooperated with the 3rd parties for safety warehouses special for chemical products. There were two warehouses which located in Shanghai China and Changzhou China, and offered timely logistic services as promised.

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Our Contacts
D09, B6, #351, Sizhuan Rd, Songjiang SHANGHAI
Mobile: +86 186 0211 9153
Fax: +86 21 5186 1246
Mail: myechain@163.com
Wechat: echainchem
QQ: 346256

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